The Team


The CRG team is made up of five entrepreneurs who share a passion for climbing while promoting a fit & healthy lifestyle. Our dream is to share the fun and challenging experience of rock climbing with the Columbus community.


Ilio Gonzalez

Sales Manager

Ilio is a Senior Design Engineer from The University of Florida. He fell   in love with climbing during his college years where he became a member of a local rock climbing gym.

His lifelong desire  to start his own business along with his passion for climbing was his   key driver for joining the CRG team.


Micah Uemura

Technical Analyst

Micah is a Senior Validation Engineer from The University of Indianapolis and IUPUI. His parents introduced him to climbing at a young age and over the years he has become a well rounded climber.

His entrepreneurial interests combined with his knowledge of climbing techniques hooked him to the idea of starting CRG. 

Dimitar Totkov

Marketing Lead

Dimitar is a Quality Engineer from The University of Michigan. A former gymnast, he has always been passionate about promoting safety during challenging yet fun fitness activities such as rock climbing.

His desire for website design and media marketing fit perfectly with CRG's start-up & community involvement goals.  

Bruno Pinillos

Construction Expert

Bruno is a Senior Service Engineer & MBA from Florida International University. He has always had a thirst for new challenges and strategic thinking and this attracted him to the sport of rock climbing.

His construction speciality skills and hands-on-experience brought him in as a valuable asset to the CRG team. 


Juan Valencia

Design Specialist

Juan is a Senior Development Engineer from University of California in LA. He became hooked on rock climbing after trying it with a group of friends and experiencing the thrill of reaching the peak. 

His passion for design and structural knowledge matched him perfectly with the challenge of building CRG.